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What is CCSP?

The Community Care Services Program(CCSP) assists older and/or functionally impaired consumers in remaining in their homes and communities. The CCSP is a Medicaid waiver program that provides community-based social, health and support services to eligible consumers as an alternative to institutional placement in a nursing facility.

Who is eligible for services?

  •  You qualify or potentially qualify for medicaid.
  • You would otherwise need institutional care in a nursing facility.
  • Your screening and assessment determine that your health needs may be met by services in the home or community. 
  •   Your doctor approves CCSP services for you.

What services are available?

Eligible persons may receive a combination of CCSP services and other community services. The care coordinator assesses appropriateness for CCSP, develops a consumer-focused comprehensive plan of care, and arranges for delivery of service(s). The care coordinator monitors providers of service and client care.