One Way Adult Social Center

A Sociable Enviroment


Our Actives and Services


 BINGO everyday!! Everyone has the opportunity to win prizes!

Daily Exercise:

Daily activity is a must to keep us healthy and strong but sometimes it can be boring, but not at One Way! We make exercising fun! So fun that you will forget it is exercise!

Bible Study:

We will have a small bible study sessions every morning. Not mandatory  but encourage for everyone!


Trivia keeps the mind sharp and active. We have games such as nursery rhymes, bible questions and much much more!


Chess is a great game to keep the mind alert. Chess will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Board Games:

If you are not a fan of chess, we've got you covered. We have a huge variety of game boards for you to choose from.

Arts and Craft:
We love to hang art work in the arts and crafts room. We create masterpieces everyday! We color, paint, do colorful word  searches and much much more!

Movie Entertainment:

Laughter is the best medicine! We watch movies daily with the clients! We have a huge variety to choose from as well. 

But who wants to watch a movie without popcorn? We serve popcorn daily with every movie.

Field Trips:

There will be many field trips for the  participants to go on.

Live Entertainment:

We love to have parties for the clients, just to show how much we appreciate them, but whats a party without music? We hire singers and musicians to come in and perform songs!


Daytime Supervision:

Our facility is highly secure and no one is ever left alone. We keep them as safe as possible at all times.


We have delicious nutritional options everyday for breakfast and lunch. Everyone also gets a snack to take home with them daily.

Music Therapy:

We play music throughout the center daily for enjoyment. Certain songs can even bring back memory!

Nursing Services:

If something were to happen to your loved one, we have a licensed nurse here at all times.